Chef Francesco Moretto

“Eating at home has never been just an action related to feeding the
body. Food ritual in our family has always been a sacred act. And with
food we familiarised with culture, we learned the value of hospitality
and tolerance, we learned to discuss politely."


Del mangiare - Brunamaria Dal Lago Veneri

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Allergy statement: menu items may contain or come into contact (and products thereof) with:
[1] wheat/gluten [2] peanuts [3]eggs [4] celery  [5] shellfish [6] soy [7] sesam seeds [8]fish
[9]mustard [10]lupin [11]tree nuts [12]milk [13]crustacean shellfish [14]sulfites

Blast-chilling and shock-freezing to preserve food quality (Reg. CE n. 852/04)
In compliance with legislative requirements, fish intended to be eaten raw has been pre-processed.

It may also have been stored at below-zero temperatures (-20° for 24 hrs and/or - 35° for 15 hrs)
* Dishes flagged with an asterisk are prepared with superior quality frozen products.


Cover charge and bread  Euro 3,50

Please use mobile phones with discretion